Ambien Treatment For Insomnia

If your doctor has suggested Ambien for your insomnia problems, like any other drug, you need to know everything about it- from points to keep in mind before you start to use it, to the right precautions while using it and its after effects. Here is your one-stop guide for all your queries about this drug.

Ambien, also known as zolpidem in medical world, is a drug used for the treatment (short-term) of insomnia or the sleep related problem. It can be called a sedative (or hypnotic) that strikes the enzymes in your brain, which, if disturbed, can cause sleep related problems. This drug helps your body to ease out to make you fall asleep. This drug can cause intense allergies, if not suited to your body. In such cases, stopping the dosage can help, and if symptoms start to appear like breathing problems, swelling up of throat, or lips, then, immediate medical help should be called in.

While taking Ambien, an uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours is a must, and one should avoid the medication while awake. Until the time you are not fully aware of the side effects of this drug, you should be alert while using heavy machinery, or while driving. There have been cases of people taking this medication and engaging in eating, making calls, or driving, and later having no remembrance of the episode. The intake of this drug can affect your thought process and your reactions. You shouldn't mix the dosage of this medicine with alcohol, and also, it should not be given to a person with the history of drug or alcohol addiction.

If you are lactose intolerant, then, you should check with your doctor as the Ambien tablet might have lactose as its constituent. The intake of this drug should also be consulted, if you have kidney or lung or liver disorder, severe breathing problems, depression or drug addiction. Pregnant and lactating women and older people should avoid taking Ambien. A full 7-8 hours sleep at night is mandatory if you are taking this medicine.

One shouldn't chew, crush or bite the Ambien CR tablet, but swallow it with a full glass of water. The Edular one is not for swallowing as a whole, but it should be kept under your tongue until dissolved, without water. The dosage may vary from age and body perspective. To cover up for a missed dose, don't double dose yourself, as it may cause harm. REMEMBER, a long and sound sleep is needed to make the drug work positively for you.

Possible side effects of Ambien are depressed mood, amnesia, anxiety, restlessness, hallucination, and small reactions can also take place like dizziness, weakness, blurred vision, and absurd dreams. In such cases, consult your doctor immediately and also cross-check regarding other drugs that you are taking at the same time, if any.

You can purchase and order Ambien online from reliable providers at prices that suit your pocket. You can purchase it and get it shipped to any location in the world from dependable suppliers. You can also compare the performance of the drug with its other competitors and find out the one that truly suits your needs.